In designing this residential development, great consideration was given to its formal architectural composition and the existing neighbourhood character. The complex comprises twelve apartments on the first two levels and two penthouse apartments with roof gardens on the upper level.

The building responds consistently with local context in terms of height, massing and materiality. The building envelope is split into two forms with a clear, defined link creating a shared entry. This deliberate separation opens up a visual connection to the Robert Menzies Reserve to the west. The use of artisan bricks, precise placement of windows and planting of trees in the void create an engaging, abstract garden ravine to be enjoyed by residents, visitors and pedestrians alike. The front and rear façades are composed with a well-proportioned openings and operable blinds that allow residents to adjust levels of privacy and solar ingress.

The development has a strong environmental focus. Not only is the building physically immersed into the landscape, but specific principles of environmentally sustainable design have been employed. In addition to allowing passive cross-ventilation to all apartments, the east-west division between the buildings provides full northern solar access to the southern apartments and the construction elements of the building have a high level of thermal mass. These measures radically reduce the requirement for mechanical heating and cooling year round.