Sable Drop Terrace is part of Monash University’s ambitious program of public realm improvement works at the Caulfield Campus. 

The terrace delivers new social spaces, and enhances visual and pedestrian connectivity between the redeveloped Sable Drop Cafe and the broader campus. Universal access has been seamlessly integrated across a challenging site to create an engaging, activated and inclusive outdoor space. Pockets of concrete and timber seating create opportunities for informal outdoor study, meeting and entertainment.

Timber seating runs the length of the new facade openings, encouraging outdoor trade when the weather permits. Over time, native creepers will eventually cover the mesh, softening the robust palette of materials chosen.

At its heart, the terrace is simply a stair connecting public and campus social spaces, but through playful urban design, a more intriguing and blurry ground has been established with moments to sit, observe and connect.



Gross Floor Area:

510 sqm




Monash University



General Contractor:

Ace Landscape Services


Thom McCarthy