The 17-storey Icon apartment building is located in a prominent position on the busy traffic intersection of St Kilda Junction.

While its formal composition recalls a child playing with building blocks for the first time, it is in fact a highly considered assemblage of irregularly stacked boxes. Its composition of varied heights provides an abstract connection between the surrounding built form within this highly urbanised environment of medium and high-rise buildings, street signs and billboards.

The expanded mesh facade comprises 40 different colours. The resulting pattern suggests a collection of communities, rather than a singular entity. This sense of diversity is reflected in the apartment layouts, varying between one, two and three bedroom types. Prospective residents with specific requirements can search through all the different layouts to find something that fits their needs.

On the lower levels the stacked blocks of colour are arranged to engage directly with the heights of neighbouring buildings. The stacking effect resonates with the rising hillside of jumbled built forms directly to the south, providing datum points of reference from which future built forms can respond.


Boon Wurrung






Pace Development Group


Matthew Johnson (artist)