This concept for the Stokehouse acknowledges the past while recognising the importance of new beginnings. The proposed design, one of four submissions to an invited competition, was generated through an understanding of the former Stokehouse, a building that significantly contributed to St Kilda’s unique character. 

The new building is imagined as an amplified silhouette of gables that form a unique topography, recalling the old building. Or rather, a subconscious recollection of the gable ends as more heroic in scale than they actually were. 

The western edge of the new building fronts the Promenade, the building’s envelope de-forming to embrace the existing palm trees, respecting the significant pre-existing landscape condition.

The ground plane of the building is slightly elevated to improve the integration of the building and the Promenade. New seating has been introduced into the Stokehouse forecourt, removing any implied barrier between the public and private realms.

Project Status: